Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Delicious, Chocolatey Nun's Farts

Don't blame us - that's the actual name of a candy manufactured in Querétaro. Judging from the packaging, nuns' farts leave little steaming piles of nun-poop! Mmmmmmm! From a marketing standpoint, we can see how this would appeal to your average 12-year-old, though the candies themselves (which we think are terrific) are basically a milk chocolate-covered rum-soaked truffle, with enough alcohol to warrant a heavy-machinery warning, and so maybe not appropriate for the young'uns.

Of course, lest anyone in this staunchly religious town be offended by the name, the packaging goes on to explain that it's a misspelling of the name originally coined by the Barcelona-based Italian confectioner who invented them: "Petto di Monca," or "nun's tit." So there you have it. Though the matter is obviously debatable (and feel free to have at it in comments), we suppose we'd have to concede that "nun's fart" is less offensive than "nun's tit" - though neither conjures up something we'd like to have in our mouths.


Anonymous said...

A pastry with the same name is common in France, Italy and Spain. I'm only familiar with the French version, which uses only a touch of rum. In Europe they don't come in a bag but are bought in a bakery. Damn tasty though. For more info:

Anonymous said...

Pedos de monja are what we used to call the cream puffs as kids.


El Mamon said...

I sure some nuns have tits that are mouth worthy.