Saturday, December 31, 2011

Have Yourself a Merry Moral Crisis

The local archbishop took a few minutes out of his busy Christmas schedule this week to lecture us all on our impending moral crisis. We realize this is literally his entire job, so we should probably just tune him out the way we do with Christmas music, but it does get a little tedious after the 40th or 50th exhortation. Halloween creates a moral crisis. The equinox is a moral crisis. They nation's rising crime and mayhem is a moral crisis. And now, in the middle of the annual orgy of generosity, charity, family-orientation and general, all-around Jesusyness, what's his message? We are mired in a moral crisis. That the local news reports this stuff straightforwardly and without comment, the way the state-run media in North Korea report utterances from the Dear Leader, only heightens our despair.

Meanwhile, in related news, twice-weekly nonstop service from Querétaro to Las Vegas is expected to begin in 2012, which should keep his Holy Excellence busy through the end of the world on Dec 21.

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