Saturday, December 24, 2011

If We Sent It By Mexican Post You Wouldn't Get It Until April

Every year we hold a competition among the interns to see who can come up with the best holiday card design and thus keep his or her job after December 24. This year's winner - ¡Felicidades, Lazaro! ¡Nos vemos el lunes! - puts the Christ back in Christmas, with a meditation on how we might strive to emulate his life. We guess the takeaway here is "keep it short."

Warm holiday wishes from the board of directors, staff, interns, small domestic animals, lawyers, accountants and all the other assorted leeches and hangers-on here at Burro Hall.


Elaine Samwald said...

I lurk around and read your blog from Canada.
Feliz Navidad man!

I love your card

Burro Hall said...

Thanks! Feliz Navidad, eh?

Crazy Rita said...

Can I be one of your leeches if you send me money?