Saturday, December 24, 2011

Nativity, Seen

The city's Nativity scene has been up since, like, mid-summer. It's this weird amalgam of Bible stories, Mexican folklore, and whatever papier-mâché animals they happen to have laying around at the time. Here are a few pictures, because we don't feel like typing words.

We don't know who the bride is supposed to be, but she's purty...

The Mexican butcher selling dried beef, mentioned, we believe in the Gospel of Mark.

Creepy children.

Even the statue of the Third King is wearing blackface.

This is what we're having for dinner at the Burro Hall office party.

Can we just agree this is the worst likeness of a zebra ever?  It looks like two guys in a zebra suit.

The famous crocodile of the Palestinian desert.

There's no baby yet, but there is a burro, which is all you need.


Mexfiles said...

Um, the guy in "blackface" IS black. Outside the English-speaking world, everybody knows he's Balthazar the Ethiopian (or Arab). Melichor is the guy on the elephant (from India) and Gaspar (on a horse) is Iranian. I get the sense that Anglo-Saxons erased their ethnicity, not wanting to admit not-white guys were the Wise Men.

Of course Baby Jesus isn't in the naciamento... you don't drop him in until he's born: Christmas Day.

I didn't make the rules, but I figure that I live here, and went out and learned them.

Burro Hall said...

I think someones going to be getting a brand new snark detector from the Reyes Magos!

Anonymous said...

yes that is the wost zebra ever except the one in Day of the Dead

Amiga del Zebra said...

It is NOT the worst zebra.