Thursday, December 22, 2011

No Car Seat For You!

Contrary to popular belief, we don't go out looking for car seat violations to feed this blog. What usually happens is that we'll stumble upon on while we're out, happen to have a camera on us, and if we're lucky, get the shot. Yesterday, we weren't lucky, so we have no photographic record of the worst offense we've ever seen.

We'd thought we'd seen it all, including multiple instances of parents driving while holding a baby on their lap, but yesterday we saw a woman driving down Corregidora St. with her baby sitting in the front passenger seat, unaccompanied, un-seatbelted, and being held upright by Mommy's hand pressed against its chest because, given it's age, it probably couldn't have sat up on its own even if the car wasn't jostling along in traffic.

By the time we caught up with her at a red light a block away, she had pulled over to pick up a couple of young adults, so the shot below is just your standard, everyday outrage of an adult without a seatbelt holding a small baby in her arms in the front passenger seat.  Nothing to see here, folks.

If you happen to see the parents of this child, do not ask them to contact us because we are declaring them ineligible for a free car seat.  Instead, we're asking to you kidnap the child and deliver it to us, so we can smuggle it into the US and give it to one of the many childless, overprotective couples currently waiting to adopt.

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graciela said...

will your head explode if you have to watch this movie?