Monday, December 05, 2011

Querétaro Really Isn't What You'd Call a "Sports Town"

Last night the Querétaro White Cocks played the biggest game in the club's 61-year history, having for the first time made it to the semi finals of the Mexican league championship. Here's the Cocks' Manuel López with a magnificent header 44 minutes is, scoring the winning - indeed, only - goal of the game, rifling it past the goalie who was caught totally unprepared.

This was, perhaps, because López and the goaltender are on the same team. The Cocks lost the game 1-0.  You'd expect the city to be a smoldering ruin right about now, but in fact it was completely quiet last night. And this morning, the headlines are along the lines "Hey, Thanks for a Great Season, Team! Yay!!"

Contrast that with this ESPN piece about Bill Buckner's World Series error - a mistake technically, didn't lose the series for the Red Sox (that happened in the next game.) This happened 25 years ago, yet half the people are talking in the present tense.

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Mookie Wilson said...

"Glove to ground on grounders."

I guess he missed that practice session in Little League.