Friday, December 30, 2011


We take a backseat to no one when it comes to supporting tough, highly-restrictive laws on the financing and promotion of political campaigns, but even we found ourselves going, "Dayum!" when we saw this thing. Apparently, the results of last month's very hotly-contested mayoral election in Morelia has been overturned because someone violated the "no political ads within three days of the election" rule. That's ballsy enough in its own right, but the specific violation was that Mexican boxer Juan Manuel Marquez - who was not a candidate for office in Morelia or anywhere else - fought a televised bout in Las Vegas - which, despite the name, is not in Mexico - while wearing a small PRI logo on his shorts.

And because of that, Wilfrido Lazaro Medina is no longer the new mayor of Morelia. Look for "Lazaro Was Robbed!" to replace "Marquez Was Robbed!" as the nation's hottest boxing-related topic.


No Se Pudo said...

Marquez lost plain and simple, Marquez was stupid for listening to his trainer (Nacho) who kept telling Marquez he was winning.

The fight was very close and Marquez didn't put out maximum effort in the last rounds, because of his stupidity.

Don Alberto Doyle said...

Golly, since Morelia is the headquarters of the TOTALLY AWESOME La Familia and its dear leader, I'm going to lead with my chin and speculate that they had no strenuous objections to this rather fine parsing of anti-electioneering rules.