Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sábado Gigante

* The Burro Hall 2011 Award for Best Euphemism Ever, In Any Language: Totally Awesome Zetas! boss Miguel Angel Treviño referring to his organization's ongoing murderous reign of terror in support of drug trafficking and organized crime with, "We concentrate on our work."

* Eighty thousand queretanos can't read, and therefore, tragically, cannot enjoy Burro Hall.

* Querétaro launchs a "No More Teen Moms" campaign, which, as far as we can tell, doesn't involve the distribution of contraceptives.  And abortion remains 100% illegal here.  Let's just say we're keeping our optimism in check on this one.

* American Navy names American ship after American citizen with Mexican-sounding name.  Republicans freak out.

* Last minute gift idea: coffee-table book of old Mexico photos by Hugo Brehme.

* Or, just go with the Mexican Flag/Penis boxer shorts.

* Querétaro's DIF is urging everyone not to give toys to street urchins at this time of year, since it reduces the opportunities for First Lady Sandra Calzada to be photographed.

* President-to-be  Enrique Peña Nieto is no lady.

* Because Mexicans can find the toxins in any silver lining, funeral directors in Juárez are fuming over the declining homicide rate.

* Speaking of toxins, we wish the US made it as hard for lead batteries to enter Mexico as they make it for Mexicans to enter the US.

* Dump on the Totally Awesome Zetas! if you like, but first ask yourself what you're doing to reduce your carbon footprint.

* Drug war means hard times for Mexican artists. We're still waiting for someone to produce the Mexican drug war's Guernica.  (Also, while we're on the subject of arts and craft, AK-47 jewelry seems like something that could have quite a future here.)

* We've had some "crazy uncle" issues of our own, but we're still glad we're not Chapo Guzmán's nephew.

* This is a couple months old, but a year after the alleged murder of David Hartley on  Falcon Lake, most of the locals think his wife's story is full of shit.

* Season's Greetings from the Failed State of Arizona!

* Here's an FSoAZ state senatrix to who loves sexual harassment almost as much as Sheriff Joe Arpaio does.

* Meanwhile, this ain't gonna happen, but it's fun to see it even being talked about by serious people.

* Speaking of raging, stinking failures from the FSoAZ, Querétaro's record for World's Largest Taco may be silly, but Phoenix's World's Longest Line of Tacos is just embarrassing. 

* Smell the flop sweat: Denizens of the Baja monkey house attempt a laugh at our expense, because that's what classy people do.

*American law-breaking beauty queens have a long way to go to catch up to their Mexican counterparts.

* Daniel Hernandez's Estrella Cercana is, well, intriguing, let's say.

* And you should add Think Mexican to your daily reading/viewing.

* From now on, it's Doctor Mija Chronicles to you.

* Urban Mushing Querétaro: We're signing up the perro tomorrow. (More info here.) 

* Mexican World Records Update:  Largest yoga class, Largest zombie walk.  We're bursting with pride. 

* Parrot-smuggling is surprisingly popular.

* Fuck Yeah Cholas!

* Strange image of the week: via Tex[t]-Mex, a honky lawn jockey in San Diego.

*People in this part of Mexico continue to struggle with the difference between a flash mob and an unannounced dance performance.


Amiga del Lorax said...

I am sorry but pugs are crap at mushing. Maybe some extra large xolos? A fashionable thought.

El Cholo del east-side said...

Did they set a world record...for the most unskilled dancers performing to the song Thriller at night in a Mexican plaza?

Anonymous said...

Didn't I see this chola at the Circus?