Sunday, December 11, 2011

Top Gun

We've said it before (like, a couple dozen times): the cops in this town have got too many guns and not enough gun-learnin'.  "Someone's gonna poke an eye out," we said.  Or, as happened on Saturday, some cop's gonna accidentally shoot his partner to death.

Our first thought on reading this was, "Yeah, right, an 'accident'."  But seriously, have you ever heard of a competent law-enforcement officer accidentally offing his partner, not by mistake in the heat of battle, but just, "the dang thing done gone off"?  If we'd really done that, we'd stick ourselves in the arm, put the knife in our partner's cold dead hand and plead self defense.  Any cop who cops to accidentally icing his partner is incompetent enough that he simply has to be telling the truth.  Maybe delivering a guy like that a fresh machine gun every couple of months isn't such a hot idea.

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s said...

Sounds like a job for the international consultants of BayState Tactical!