Tuesday, December 06, 2011

War on Christmas: Live From the Trenches

The chuckling chalupas who host the Fox "news" show "Fox & Friends" made an impassioned plea this morning that certain Mexicans be allowed in public school classrooms in California.

At about 2:05, Gretchen, the bottle-blond muppet in the middle shouts, as if the California school officials are in the room with her:
"Go and interview every kid in that school and ask them what the plant is called. I bet you only one percent can even tell you the name of it! And then ask them, 'Does that signify Christmas to you?'I bet they say no."
Um, with Latinos now a majority of California public school kids, we'll wager the correct answers are actually, ">1%" and "Yes."  Could a Fox News endorsement of a Latino Studies curriculum be far behind?


Vadose said...

ha! Of course, if someone were to ask those kids what the plant is called, many might answer "nochebuena".

Dave said...

I think you just offended Jim Henson.

Rick said...

Taco Bell serves chalupas but maybe not Bimbos.

Mexfiles said...

And, what they always leave out of the Christmas story is Joel Roberts Poinsett, who patented the cuttings of the nochebuenas he brought back from Mexico, stole his plants from a Cuernavaca church's naciamento.

Burro Hall said...

And also that the school in question is in Stockton, named for Commodore Robert Stockton, who stole the state of California from the Mexicans.

I'm guessing Gretchen Carlson isn't suggesting that these details be added to the story.