Monday, January 30, 2012

The Burro Hall Child Protection Act of 2012

Hero: It's the same word in English and Spanish
A big shout-out to an eagle-eyed (yet Anonymous - what is it with you people?) commenter for bringing to our attention The Most Important Legislative Initiative Of Our Age:
Querétaro state legislator José Luis Aguilera Rico [right] has introduced a bill to make it a punishable offense for drivers to transport a child under the age of five without a child car seat.

Aguilera said that traffic accidents are the principal cause of death in four-year-olds; the second cause of death in two-year-olds; and fourth in one-year-olds, in large part because of the lack of preventative safety measure [such as car seats].

The legislator form the Movimiento Ciudadano party said that with a change to Article 74 of the state transit law, it would be possible to punish drivers who don't secure small children in a car seat.

We of course intend to put the full weight of this blog, as well as the ample material in our archives, behind the bill - which, for the sake of simplicity we're renaming the Burro Hall Child Protection Act of 2012.  You can send Sr. Aguilera a note of support here. We'll be assigning an intern to cover this story full-time, of course.


Anonymous said...

Bravo! Your relentless pressure has work. Now, get to work on the cartel violence problem!

Mexfiles said...

Quickest way to kill any political proposal in Mexico is for foreigners to be seen as the ones pushing it.

Dave said...

Congratulations on your near-single-handed accomplishment. They should send you the pen it's signed with.

Burro Hall said...

Good point, Rich - in which case, a rich vein of blog material remains open. #win-win