Thursday, January 05, 2012

Burro Hall Literary Cabal Book Club

A number of weeks ago, we received a copy of Gorostieta and the Cristiada: Mexico's Catholic Insurgency 1926-1929, by Friend o' the Blog Richard Grabman, which we promised to read and review.  Almost immediately we sold our souls to The Man and have still not been able to set aside the time for it.  But not reading a book has never stopped us from reviewing one before - or, for that matter, writing an entire term paper on it, as evidenced by the B- we received in "The Novels of DH Lawrence" in college, despite not even purchasing anything but Lady Chatterley's Lover from the book store.  So trust us, it's fantastic, and you can, and should, purchase it dirt-cheap here or here

But don't take our word for it!  Here's Gancho:
I've not had the pleasure of reading the book yet (though I will!), but the Cristiada is a fascinating and all-too-overlooked period in Mexican history, and, based on his writing at Mexfiles, I can only imagine that Grabman's opus is well worth your time.
Um, okay.  Look, the end of the year is a busy time for a lot of people.  Except Aguachile, apparently:
For a quick, entertaining, enlightening, and, most importantly, even-handed read on the Cristiada and particularly Enrique Gorostieta Velarde, a general hired to be the leader of the rebellion, I recommend Richard Grabman's Gorostieta and the Cristiada: Mexico's Catholic Insurgency 1926-1929. It proves a quick and accessible overview and background to the event, and seeks to hone in on Gorostieta himself  - a highly ambitions army officer that, irony of ironies, had long been considered an anti-clerical and possibly atheist....Yet what motivated him to join the rebellion, then? For one good and highly readable attempt at answering this question, which appears to have been the author's motivation, you can check out Grabman's book.
That's three rave reviews, and you still haven't bought it yet?

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Anonymous said...

Okay, it's a new year and i'm taking a small risk! Looking forward to more from the "club". Thanks for all the entertaining blogs this past year and please keep it up.

Barbara, San Anselmo, CA