Monday, January 16, 2012

The Feedback Loop

We link to our disgraceful local paper Plaza de Armas a lot, hoping that we might shame them into being less of a self-parody, while secret hoping they continue, since they're such a great source of material (see here, here, here, here, here, just to pick a few at random).  We never gave much though to the consequences of linking to them, but now PdeA editor in chief and son of the publisher Sergio Venegas Ramirez - whose picture appears six times in the front section of today's paper, plus once in the society section - used today's column to crow over PdeA's 85,119th-place ranking among websites currently available on the intertubes, a ranking which puts it ahead of all other Querétaro-based news sites.

As we read through the rankings (culled from, we realized they fell roughly in the same order in which we tend to link to them (PdeA being number once since that's the dead-trees newspaper we usually buy every morning. Checking the referral data on Alexis, we see that Burro Hall is PdeA's 57th-largest source of traffic (most of the ones ahead of us are search engines or classified advertisers), and an article we wrote for Voice of Mexico three months ago is actually the 80th-largest source of traffic.

In short, it seems a sizable portion of  Plaza de Armas's web traffic comes from people who refuse to take our word about how ridiculous, say, today's column by Sergio Venegas is, and need to click through to see for themselves.

You're welcome, amigos.


Anonymous said...

Burro Hall said...

Yeah, dude - Culiacán is dangerous. We could have told them that.

Anonymous said...

tell them again, don't they have a tv?