Friday, January 06, 2012

Fine, Let's Just Kill Everybody

Well, we tried. After several aggrieved parties demonstrated their displeasure with the state's human rights commissioner by putting coffins with his name on the outside his office, we tried gently to point out that perhaps this is not what passes for discourse in a society that aspires to a certain level of civility and rule of law. We figured this blog was just so goddamn powerful that if we post about something a couple of times, the problem is solved.

But now we have the no-doubt-well-meaning ladies from the Citizens Council on the Environment, who are angry with the head of the state Environmental Protection Agency, Arturo Eulogio Ortiz Montes, over something that we can't be bothered to learn the details of because we just assume it's a safe bet that they're right and he's wrong. And they've taken their complaint public, calling for his resignation and posing in front of his office and on the front page of the local paper making the universal sign for "we will slit your fucking throat from ear to ear and laugh at you as you die."

"They Call For Eulogio's Head"

Look, we don't mean to stagger to the fainting couch every time someone behaves in an impolite manner, but really, in what way is this sort of thing appropriate anywhere, let alone in Mexico, which has kind of a "we will literally slit your fucking throat from ear to ear and laugh at you as you die" problem at the moment?

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