Monday, January 23, 2012

Great Moments In Lazy Journalism

(Not Mexico.)
Today the Huffington Post continues its quest to be the Least Reliable Source for News About Mexico by featuring an article by Chris Owen (whose qualifications are stated thus: "Chris Owen is a travel writer from Orlando Florida charged with sharing frank, inside information on cruise vacations with travelers") titled "The Ten Most Deadly Cities in Mexico For Tourists." Now, perhaps we don't speaka the eenglish so good, but we expected what followed to be a list of the ten Mexican cities in with the most tourist deaths.  "Take a look at the gallery below based on per capita deaths for the surprising results!" he suggests.

And the results certainly are surprising (or, given our low expectations for this sort of thing, entirely unsurprising).  What follows is a cut-and-paste list of the ten Mexican cities with the highest murder rates, including such touristic hotspots as Ciudad Juárez, Reynosa, Tepic, Culiacán and Chihuahua. Also, someplace called "Torrean," which we assume to be Torreón cleverly disguising its identity so as to lure more tourists to their deaths.

We're the first to admit that tourists can and do get killed here, and Acapulco, Mazatlan and Tijuana - tourist magnets all - are on the list.  But if you're going to "share frank, inside information" about the deadliest places "for tourists," you have to do better than to link to an article about beheadings in "Torrean" which explicitly references "the victims, all of whom were linked to organised crime..."  The most damning thing he comes up with is a Canadian guy hit in the leg by a stray bullet in Mazatlan.  The headline of the linked-to article is, "Canadian Shot in Mexico Says 'I Feel Safe Here.'"

According to his bio, Chris Owen "is open to sponsored trips where he will write, blog and tweet his way through your product with a keen eye for detail..."  Maybe we could pool together our funds and get him to visit Mexico someday.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! I hope all the tourists in Juarez don't read this article! It might ruin my dog taco business.

Crazy Rita said...

Um, the last I knew Reynosa was not near any body of water except the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo. Maybe I lived on the wrong side of Reynosa next to the rooster and missed the beach side.

Crazy Rita said...

And exactly where is Torrean?

Don Alberto Doyle said...

The comments are as good as the piece itself. The upside is that none of these fucktards will ever show up in Queretaro and delay my cocktails at Harry's.

Note to editor: I believe you forgot to mention that Juarez has never been more affordable.

Shieldhouse said...

And are they referring to Chihuahua the city or Chihuahua the state?