Monday, January 09, 2012

Mascotas Perdidas

We were reminded recently that it's been a while since we posted any "Missing Animal" flyers from around town.  Specifically, we were reminded by this piece in El Universal about animal rescue groups, which makes the point that many street dogs weren't born on the street, but were Christmas gifts that lost their luster after a while. 

On Sept. 15, two kids attached fireworks to Sinforosa, lit them, and let her fall from the third floor. Calabazo was burned as a puppy. Boby's ears were nailed to a tree. It's not known how long he had been there, unable to move, dehydrated and exposed to the sun, when he was found.

And then, because things that are fucked up anywhere are even more fucked up in Mexico:

Lemon-Pie is a dog from Zacatecas who was tortured by a group of presumed gang members, who cut his toes off one at a time, practicing on him before cutting off the fingers and other body parts of their kidnap victims.

We're generally not opposed to animal testing here, but seriously? On the other hand (so to speak) we'd like to believe that any future digit-chopping kidnappers we were to run afoul of would know what they were doing - since just about the only thing worse than having your thumb cut off with pinking shears is having it cut off by someone who's doing it for the first time. Anyway, while we convene and ethics panel to discuss the matter, please keep an eye open for the following missing pets:

Pichi, the black Schnauzer, comes with a 3000-peso reward.

This truly amateurish sign is, rather amazingly, for a dog missing from the printing/stationery shop a few blocks down on Independencia.

These next two were snapped on a visit to Mexico City. (As we said, we've been remiss in posting this stuff for a while.)

Luna, a light brown Lab whose family apparently never took a picture of her with her entire face in the frame.

Akiles. The flyer doesn't specify what kind of dog he/she is, but it's wearing a blue sweater, which should make it easier to find.

Blood Waterfall's drummer isn't technically missing, but the band is looking for him anyway. Is it you? If you're into hard rock / alternative metal and between 15-19 years old, call the numbers below.

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