Sunday, January 08, 2012

Mexican Government Unveils Perfect Metaphor for Mexican Government

Last night Felipe Calderón threw the switch on the "Pillar of Light," a 340-foot monument commissioned in honor of Mexico's Bicentennial, which careful readers of this blog will remember was actually 479 days ago, in September, 2010.
Some Mexicans have suggested the quartz-clad light tower be dubbed “the monument to corruption.” Costs nearly tripled from about 400 million pesos to more than 1 billion (equivalent at current rates to about $75 million), and auditors found 95 improprieties in contracting that resulted in criminal charges against at least four public employees.

...Authorities have said a government board incorrectly authorized payment for the architect even though he turned in incomplete designs. The construction management company bid out construction contracts without following normal procedures and before they even had final drawings.

Foundations for the tower, which is supported by steel columns, had to be dug much deeper than originally planned.

The project has drawn criticism because only about one-third of the building materials have come from Mexico. The stainless-steel columns had to be imported from Italy, the quartz panels from Brazil and a specialized lighting system made by a German-owned company.

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Mexfiles said...

You missed the joke going around AMLOista circles. It's the perfect monument to the Calderón Administration: started late, over-budget and useless.