Saturday, January 07, 2012

Sábado Gigante

* A 110-pound Bengal tiger, exquisitely named "Deborah," escaped from an attorney's office in Saltillo this week.   A few months earlier, an African lion was captured in Nava. We've written in the past about escaped elephantslions and kangaroos, tigers, and lions and tigers.  Seriously, is it any wonder that narcotraffickers are escaping from jails on a daily basis here?  We can't even keep animals with plum-sized brains and no opposable thumbs in captivity - and we're gonna lock up Chapo Guzmán?

 * For some reason, it's big news that the US, which has three times the population of Mexico, consumes 25% more tequila than Mexico.  All the news articles have noted that this works out to .4 liters per American versus .89 liters per Mexican - but even this is based on total population, and since most (not all, but most) children aren't in fact downing an entire bottle of tequila every year, the actual number-per-Mexican for adults is about 1.5 liters a year.  So for every Mexican you know who doesn't drink tequila, someone else is drink 3 liters a year.

* Yet another reason everyone, including criminals, should be reading Burro Hall:  Becasue then you'd know better than to send crystal meth via Fedex or cocaine-filled toy frogs via DHL. (Coke-filled breast implants are still a great idea, though.)

* We want to be proud of Mexico for constructing the world's highest suspension bridge,  but we just can't imagine working up the courage to drive our car over a 400-meter high bridge built by the same people who took five weeks to lay a gas pipe outside our offices.  Furthermore, despite Guinness certifying it #1, the Calderón administration has been touting it as #3 in the world.  Maybe the Guinness guy got mixed up because we just too part in the record for Most People Washing Their Hands At one Time.

* Yesterday was the traditional gathering of everyone who works in the main government office to share in the traditional rosca de reyes.  And who was the lucky person who found the little doll hidden inside, which was obviously in no way rigged?  Why, it's First Lady and 2010 Person of the Year Sandra Calzada!

* With Willard Romney promising to veto the Dream Act if America makes the mistake of electing him president, it's worth pointing out (again) that he is descended from Mexican immigrants.

* We think it's kind of cool that Ernesto Zedillo, former president of Mexico, is an adjunct professor of Forestry & Environmental Studies at Yale.  I guess this is one ex-president we can't accuse of enriching himself while in office.

* Windy City peeps need to check out the National Museum of Mexican Art and tell us how it is.

* Photoblog by Querétaro-based photographer Aron Covaliu.

* Querétaro's Noticias newspaper finally enters the digital age.

* Presidential candidate Enrique Peña Nieto may be linguistically, um, challenged, but without him we wouldn't know how similar the phrases "thank you very much" and "many tortillas" are in Nahuatl.

* The head of Querétaro's registro Civil would really, really like people to start digging up their dead relatives to make room for more dead people, please.

* There's no Mexican space program yet, but here's a glimpse at what could be:

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Dave said...

Awesome photo of the perro. I'd cry Photoshop but I have implicit faith in your journalistic integrity....but didn't I previously see some photographers standing nearby?

Dave said...

....and thanks for the art museum tip. As it's a 3-hour drive I may not be the first to report, but I'll have to check it out.un

El Codo said...

You couldn't afford something better than a 70's lincoln limo?

Don Alberto Doyle said...

Not to be a pedantic little fuck, but such I am. If Nieto endorsed AMLO last week, is he still technically a presidential candidate?

Or is he still lurking behind the arras, should AMLO stumble?

Burro Hall said...

Did I miss the thing where Nieto endorses his competitor from a different party?

Amiga del Lorax said...

THAT IS THE MOST BODACIOUSLY FABULOUS PUG PICTURE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am totally high!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Long live DEAR PUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!