Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sábado Gigante

* Yes, we know it's Sunday.  If you want us to meet your deadlines, we'll have to increase the subscription fees, okay?

* The Mexico portrayed in Mary Cuddehe's excellent article would be inoffensive to every single Republican presidential candidate but one, depending on who Romney's sucking up to that day:
The doctor listened to Daniela, then slipped out of the room and made a call. Guanajuato hospitals are expected to report suspicious miscarriages just as they would a gunshot wound. It wasn’t long before a couple of officers arrived, followed by a lawyer from the district attorney’s office, who took out a note pad. “So, Daniela, how many people have you had sex with?” he asked, jotting down the answers.
* And then of course there's religion as a tool of the rich and powerful, which is also something of a tradition down here.

* Actually, the Nation's been pretty good on Mexico this month.

* South Carolinans boo the existence of Mexico.  They're probably still pissed about their support for Abraham Lincoln.

* And while looking for the previous link, we discovered that Texas has a Benito Juarez-Abraham Lincoln High School.  Not sure why their teams are called the Huskies, but whatever.

* Why are we not surprised that the nutty nativists think SOPA was created by illegal immigrants to silence True Americans?

* Daimler Benz, which only stopped using slave labor less than 70 years ago was forced to apologize for using Che Guevara's image to pimp their shitty cars.  Of course, the apology was made to offended right-wingers, rather than those who felt Guevara was the one tarnished by the association.

* Jewish exiles in Mexico fighting fascism in the 1940s.

* It only a took a month, but the inspectors assaulting an indigenous vendor in this video are finally losing their jobs.  Maybe some social do-gooder group should distribute video cameras to every poor person in Mexico.

* "2,501 Migrants" by Alejandro Santiago Ramirez.

* "Mexico probes Irish adoption trafficking link."  Really, how screwed up is your country is the Irish are taking advantage of you?
* There's a tad too much pop-sociology here, but this is still some solid advice for gringos getting pulled over by Mexican cops.

* Seems like every couple of months someone writes a good long article explaining why mexico isn't Colombia.  Here's the most recent.

* We don't mean to get all "Queer Eye" on you, but Mexico's drug lords sure have some tacky tastes in home decor.

* We loves us a good Mexican cemetery.

* Our grandfather would have recognized a lot of the printing presses still in use in Mexico City.
* A Cinematic Love Letter to Riding a Bike Through Mexico City.  Romanticism aside, this seems really fucking dangerous.

* New magazine: Mexico Review.

* We enjoyed this little piece of outrage over a Brooklyn merchant selling swastika earrings. Why not just export them here?

* The myth of American monolingualism.  (We submit ourselves as the counterargument's Exhibit A.)

* Our associate at the Mexfiles, who serves as co-director of our Fat Gay Nazi Literary/Condo Promotion Cabal, sends in this item about the arrest of a gangster with the nom-de-narco "El Pitufo," or "The Smurf." Of course, there's an entire state named "Chihuahua" here, so silliness isn't that out of the ordinary.

* We try not to post too many wacky images making the rounds on Facebook, but thought this one was actually kind of amusing.  

* File this one under "harmless local oddballs."

* Correction of the Week:  "This article initially said that Mexico’s Congress had the second-shortest working year among Latin America’s larger countries. In fact it is the shortest."

* Mexican Mitt Romney on Twitter.

* America's wealthy my be repugnant, but they've got nothing on Mexico's Uno Por Ciento.  Here's how businessman Miguel Sacal Smeke asks one of the little people to change a tire on his Porsche.


Anonymous said...

Miguel Sacal Smeke embarrasses the Mexican Jewish community.

Burro Hall said...

As a non-Mexican non-Jew, I can assure you he's an embarrassment to all of mankind.