Thursday, January 26, 2012

Turf & Surf

A couple of months ago a place calling itself the New York Steak House opened up a couple blocks from out offices.  Like just about every place in town that features a chef who actually attending cooking school, NYSH billed itself as a nuevo concepto in dining - and, like just about every place that does this, the "new concept" turned out to be "serving cooked meat and vegetables to people sitting at tables in exchange for money," which - and we don't mean to get all worldly on you - we've seen once or twice before.  They did try one newish thing, though, which was to have absolutely no customers ever, any time we thought about taking a client there.  So we never tried it and, without the awesome power of a positive review in Burro Hall, it's closed its doors.

But just a few doors away is the brand new Loto Sushi & Tea!  As you can see, it has the word "Sushi" right there in its name.  And it's advertising features a geisha chick chowing down on a couple of thick, juicy salmon nigiri.  And because it's Mexico and this is a frequent complaint of ours, you've probably already guessed that Loto Sushi & Tea's nuevo concepto in sushi is to not have any sushi or fish on its menu.

Be pedantic if you wish and argue that maki is sushi, and we'll counter that apple, cilantro, and breaded fried beef maki in no way falls under the conventional understanding of sushi.  (And fried shrimp is not fish.)  It pisses us off, because that hunk of raw salmon was the best-looking thing we've seen here in months. 

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Dave said...

Life can be hard. No sashimi, either... Don't they at least have a Sushi Ito? (Rather ironically that's one of our de rigeur stops on returning to D.F. But then we usually fill up on makis...).