Monday, February 13, 2012


Is there anything more American than a Harley, the hog of choice for dentists and accountants who like to play dress-up on the weekends? So you can imagine our delight when he heard that Harleys will now be manufactured here in Querétaro, according to the conver story in "Rally," Plaza de Armas's weekly automotive supplement (edited by yet another member of the publisher's family). As you can tell, we find bikers kind of annoying, and the thought to simultaneous, coast-to-cast brake failures across every Querétaro-assembled model brightened an otherwise gloomy, rainy afternoon. Except, of course, that this was Mexican journalism, and so if you read the actual article, you find in the first paragraph that the company is "studying the possibility" of a plant in Querétaro - and that "studying the possibility" means that guys in suits have made "two visits" here. These "two visits" "might" result in a commitment to make "some parts" here. Born to be mild!

Meanwhile, in other local media news, OEM, the publisher that owns the Diario de Querétaro, recently donated 1,000 tons of flour to the drought and famine-stricken region of Chihuahua. We know this because we managed to stumble upon their modest little announcement, which we're sure they made reluctantly, because they like to do their giving in private.

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