Thursday, February 23, 2012

In Case of Fire Make Glass

Parking lot fires are probably pretty rare, but this one over on Madero has a coupe of shovels mounted on the wall just in case.  We think they're supposed to come with a big bucket of sand which you're supposed to use to fashion a glass fire-extinguisher or something, but, this being Mexico, there's nothing there except the shovels, which are bolted securely to the wall.

Once you find a wrench and manage to undo the bolts, the idea apparently is that you would either dig for water or use the flat part of the shovels to beat the fire into submission. This is unsurprising in a city of a million people that has a volunteer fire department.


Chancy Murpho said...

I totally do not comprehend this. Maybe it is an art installation. Could it be sold for $10,000? I think there is someone in Marfa who might buy it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but the people in (but not of) Marfa will pay good money for just about anything.