Sunday, February 12, 2012

La Cebolla

The nutjob nativists at ALIPAC sent out an email alert yesterday warning its members to avoid vacationing in Mexico because of "the mass graves, beheadings, grenade attacks, and other mayhem."  We were trying to decide which was funnier, their depiction of Mexico as a coast-to-coast abattoir, of the idea that the kind of people willing to blast-fax state legislators into making emergency room workers check brown-skinned people's papers before treating them might be considering Durango for their next family vacation.  But then we clicked through to their article "VACATION DESTINATION MEXICO BLOODBATH: 120 Americans murdered in Mexico last year!" (which is 78 fewer than were murdered in Houston, where we just spent four very pleasant days, but we digress) and realized, no, the funniest part was they way they illustrated their dire warning with an infographic - Nationwide Bloodbath! - that's actually a parody from The Onion.

Getting punked by The Onion is something of a rite of passage among the less intelligent this week.

[Bonus tangentially-related question for our better-informed readers: Does anyone know where to find reliable statistics on crimes (particularly homicides) against Mexican nationals in the US? We assume that any country that would issue an Ambassador-level response to Top Gear would also keep track of assaults against its citizenry abroad, but, if they do, they don't make it easy to find.]


Crazy Rita said...

Hilarious stuff except I don't understand that highfalutin French word you used. This is the USA, dammit, I shouldn't have to press 1 for English.

Lizzie B. said...

Stay on the farm, y'all.

Lizzie B. said...

Comment in reaction to piece, not Crazy Rita. Hey, hola, Crazy Rita.