Friday, February 24, 2012

Mascotas Perdidas

Some missing animals to give you something to do while waiting for regular posting to resume.

Gitano is an eight month old weimaraner lost int he Centro who "would like to find my family." 442-169-2134.

Kiko, the honey-colored, coffee-eyed chihuahua is "missed and loved very much."  212-2309.

If it's possible to miss a cat (and it is), Chencho - "blue-eyed, white and fat," like your correspondent - has people who would like him back.  Lost in the Centro the last weekend of January.  315-9695.

BONUS MASCOTA ENCONTRADA: This gray, collarless, sweaterless schnauzer was found in Plaza Constitucion on Jan 7.  Yours?  Call 294 8515.


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The Wowwow Powwow said...

Glad to see no missing pugs.