Monday, February 06, 2012

Post-Game Wrap Up

The Super Bowl is actually quite popular in Mexico.  We assumed this was just because they were confused by the word "football" into thinking it was a soccer game, but in fact, at the bar we went to to watch it (Logan's Beer House - another new establishment touting a nuevo concepto, this new concept being the serving of beer and food in a bar-like setting, complete with televised sports), the crowd seemed to be evenly divided between genuine Pats fans and genuine Giants fans (though apparently the only non-Steelers football gear for sale in Mexico is Tom Brady's #12 shirt).

But while the game is a big deal, the actual broadcast isn't an event the way it is in the US.  By one friend's count, his cable package had the game playing on five different channels.  Where we were, it was ESPN en Español, led by the crack broadcast crew you see in the photo above.  Imagine your local public access cable station being sent to cover the Super Bowl with what appeared to be no advance warning, and you've got the feel of how this thing went off.   We'd bet with some degree of confidence that they weren't even in Indianapolis. 

Probably the biggest loss, though, is the commercials.  All those $2 million-a-minute ads don't get shown outside the US.  Here in Mexico, one of the Super Bowl's biggest sponsors is this cheapjack piece of shit weight-loss quackery called Bio Shaker.  Usually, when you see an ad like this, it's 3AM and you've fallen asleep with the TV on.

 Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana lends his image, if not his voice, to this ad for Modelo beer:

Meanwhile, Mexican erectile dysfunction ads leave way too little to the imagination for our tastes.

Anyway, if we could give some advice to our friends at Logan's ahead of next year's Super Bowl: you might consider having more than four bottles of Sam Adams in stock if the team from Boston is playing again. 

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Mexfiles with a side of snark said...

The Nuevo concepto is having a name in English, and using the apostrophe correctly. "Logan's Beer House" isn't something that exactly trips off the tongue in Spanish, or Nahautl ... maybe in hña-hña.