Sunday, February 05, 2012

Sábado Gigante

*  Face it, Mexico's something of an attention-whore. So we were pretty surprised that none of the national punditocracy have crowed about NASA's recently-released high-resolution photo of the Earth, which puts Mexico basically at the center of the world.  In fact, of you draw a big X on the planet, the lines intersect over the city of Querétaro.  Of course, this merely confirms something we've known for a long time: the US government has a spy satellite locked in geosynchronous orbit directly over Burro Hall Enterprises World Headquarters.  Naked rooftop sunbathing will commence as soon as this unseasonable rain comes to an end. 

* New York Magazine is working our side of the street now. (Here, too.)

* Some good, practical advice for not getting your head sliced off in Mexico. It's surprisingly easy!

* Of course, you may want to check out Diego Valle's fabulous interactive drug war map, just in case. 

* Slain Border Patrol agent Brian Terry's family sues the ATF for $25 million, to the rapturous applause of right wingers.  So much for the "guns don't kill people, people kill people" argument.

* Mexican smugglers try the old "Fake UN Diplomatic Pouch" trick to avoid customs inspections.  Hilarity ensues when 30 pounds of coke actually gets delivered to UN.

* PAN Presidential Candidate Ernesto Cordero's website is inaccessible today because of inter-party elections, so you can't play the internactive game in which he chases and captures Chapo Guzmán, but you can watch someone else play it here.

* Casa Dorantes Cervera wines from Querétaro. They're remarkably un-terrible.

* Everything you need to know about making tamales

* Quote of the Week, from the Failed State of Arizona:
“I do feel this opening a box of Pandora, and we don’t know where it’s going to lead,” said Mayor Juan Carlos Escamilla, who filed a legal challenge of Mrs. Cabrera’s English ability.
* Regular readers know what a mendacious idiot FSoAZ governess Jan Brewer is (along with large swathes of the citizenry), but in case you're just tuning in...

* 500 Year of Chicano History in Pictures is on Tuscon's book-burning list.  Publishers are offering it free to Tuscon students and 50% off for all FSoAZ residents.  We don't mind paying full-price.  White man's burden, etc. 

* Mitt Romney: The Juan Percent.

* Great photo of the border.

* Two more weeks til the Querétaro Perro-Qron, which we imagine is the Worst Spanish Pun for "Dog/Querétaro/Marathon" Ever.  But so if we were feeling especially sadistic, we could drag the perro through the streets for a couple of kilometers.  And in completely related news:  pet obesity reaches "epidemic" proportions.

* The state of Querétaro, population 1.8 million, has precisely 1,333 people in rehab.   Like many local news stories here, there is absolutely no context given for this, but we thought you'd like to know.

* A proposed state law would automatically award shared custody to divorced parents, regardless of how much of an evil harpy one parent is.  Still, we think it's a good idea.

* The Municipal Inspectors Abusing Indigenous Peddlers investigation keeps expanding.

* We don't read "The News" very often, but still want to give props to its awesome online print edition. It still amazes us that 900% of online newspapers don't do this (*cough*newyorktimes*cough!)

* If you're not listening to friend-o'-the-blog Kent Garrett's weekly Word Up radio program, currently broadcasting from San Cristobal de las Casas, you're fucking up, son.  Click the damn link.

* Mexicans are unimpressed with your so-called "Super" Bowl.

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