Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Shipping News

Okay, I guess we have to make this point repeatedly for anyone who hasn't been reading this blog every day since the Bush Administration, but, for whatever reason, there is no real expectation of privacy in this country for express-shipping customers. That means, whatever you do, don't send crystal meth via Fedex. Don't send cocaine-filled toy frogs via DHL. And, speaking of DHL, do not, under any circumstances, use their service to ship a human skull to Tijuana, as some obviously non-Burro-Hall-reading queretano did last week. We don't care if it's just for Santeria rituals. Use Correos Mexicanos.

As long as we're on the subject of transporting questionable goods, let us just state the obvious: if your baby tiger cub does not have proper documentation, do not try to bring it on an airplane. If you can't spare the 15 hours it takes to drive it from Puerto Vallarta to Puebla, then you deserve to get caught.

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