Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Summit

Today we learned one of those "sounds true, but it's really hard to check" historical facts:  No governor of Querétaro has ever met with a president of the United States.  But there's no point in checking it because, ten days from now, it will no longer be true.  According to his quasi-official mouthpiece, Plaza de Armas, Governor José "Pepe" Calzada and President Barack "Hussein" Obama will convene a Querétaro-US Summit Meeting in Washington DC February 26.

We assumed that this was an acknowledgement of the state's leadership on this issue of child car seats, but in fact, when you read PdeA's "exclusive" (which they broke a mere 17 days after it was reported elsewhere), we learn that Calzada, who is head of the Mexican Governors Association, is going to the National [US] Governors Association winter meeting in DC, where, among the various agenda items, there's a dinner that Obama will attend. We're suspicious that much bilateral conferencing will get done, which is disappointing, because we were hoping to see the effect of noise pollution on American expats in Mexico become a front-burner issue. Maybe next year.

As always, we are offering to share our expertise with the governor and his team any time they would like us to come by the hacienda.  We once covered an enormous fundraising dinner attended by President George H.W. Bush, and were in the same room (hey, the Houston Astrodome is a room) as Ronald Reagan in 1992, so we've done this kind of thing before.

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