Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Part 7,324

The local paper ran a photo [sorry, no link] of a plasterer working on the facade of Querétaro's oldest church, the Templo de la Congregación, accompanied by few sentences about the church's ongoing facelift. Strangely absent from the caption - well, strangely to us, since we're not Mexican - was any acknowledgement whatsoever that the man in the photo was standing on a plank that had been lain unsecured across a pair of extension ladders, which were tied sideways to the outsides of a four-story high, rickety-looking scaffold which was itself propped up on the edge of a crumbling cobblestone sidewalk and leveled with a 2x4 and a couple of little shims.  This was not really an oversight on the newspaper's part - rather, even given the astonishingly low threshold for what constitutes news here, there was nothing at all remarkable or noteworthy about this. 

And, really, what could possibly go wrong?


Anonymous said...

But he wears a rope to secure him!
(tied to the ladder it seems?!)

Burro Hall said...

Actually, tied to the steeple of the crumbling, 332-year-old church he's repairing. Because, hey, what could possibly go wrong?

Nancy said...

I've taken pictures (sort of) like this around Mazatlán but I think idiocy in Queretaro trumps Mazatlán. At least in this instance.

But you should check out the condom scandal we had here in town during Carnaval. The mayor said that giving out condoms would send the wrong message and children would try to blow them up. (NOrmally they hand them out when you pass the turnstyle at the entrance) Turned into a huge brouhaha (how do you spell that) and we've had cartoons in the paper ridiculing him for weeks.

The mayor also nixed the gay folks who wanted to enter a float in the parade.

Anyhow, thanks for the slice of life in your town.

Anonymous said...

You gringos are scared of everything !!

Carseats for babys, man-lifts and a safety harness are for gringos who don't go to church.

Burro Hall said...

Yeah, yeah... go ask Osama bin Laden what we gringos are scared of.

Julie said...

Nothing makes me happier than a good old-fashioned ladder use in Mexico photo. I still recall fondly the day your father, a.k.a. the ladder king, commented on my last one.