Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Acero Azul

We were flipping through one of the local rags this week, and our eye was drawn to a dispatch from Mexico City's annual Expo Sexo 2012 - not by the blonde and brunette blowup dolls, but by the burnin' sack o' man-love in the middle, Querétaro's finest/only paparazzo, Franci...Oh! (note to the copy desk: stet), throwing up his trademark panther-in-the-headlights look, "Acero Azul."

For a prolific digital photographer, Franci...Oh!'s work is surprisingly hard to find. He's got a website, but all the links just lead you to the "leave a comment" page. And his Twitter feed refers you to non-working links on his website. We used to be able to find hundreds of pictures of him flashing Acero Azul, and now all we can find is this one at right from his Facebook page. Fran - can we call you Fran? - if you're reading this, please make your "Guapas" archive available to the people. It belongs to them, because you're a national treasure.

Paucity of pulchritude notwithstanding, we can still enjoy the one-man photobomb throwing Acero Azul and gang signs with disgraced payaso Platanito (whose shirt, amazingly, is throwing gang signs of its own).

This clown, meanwhile, needs no introduction. (Note to our northern readers: The future president of Mexico. [No, not Franci...Oh!, regrettably.])

Until Franci...Oh! heeds the will of the People by putting his archives online, we are announcing - and declaring ourselves eligible to enter - the First Annual Franci...Oh! "Acero Azul" Photoshop Contest, the name of which should be fully self-explanatory. Entries may be sent to the email address at the upper right of this blog.

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Mysterious Peanuts said...

Just please don't ever put that much hair gel on the pugster.