Monday, March 12, 2012

The Big Picture

As many readers may know, this blog was the recipient of the prestigious Luis Barragán Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Design Excellence (Blog Subcategory) in 2009, so we feel we're in a position to offer our expertise to some of our local brethren.  For instance, this recent story about an indigent drunkard who died on the sidewalk a few block from our offices.  For some reason, the local press decided to illustrate it with this photo:

Nice try, boys, but dead bums don't sell papers - T&A sells papers! That's where the wide-angle lens comes in (we've helpfully superimposed their shot over ours):

Notice anything different, kids? Not only will this baby fly off the newsstands, but the story it tells about the dying man's last few moments on Earth is worth 1000 words. You're welcome.


Dave said...

Gawd, Frank, you're a genius. Why aren't these people beating a path to your door? They need to modernize.

Burro Hall said...

Mozart didn't sell a single painting in his lifetime. Knowwhatimsayin'?