Friday, March 02, 2012

Foreign Objects

If you live in Querétaro, you've probably noticed ads all around town for this weekend's Foreign Community Festival, an event now in its fifth consecutive year of annoying us.

It's not just the oxymoronic name that rankles - one can either be foreign, or a member of the community, but not both - but, less pedantically, the very notion that there's a "foreign community" here. Sure, we drink regularly with a bunch of them, but from what we can tell most of the foreigners here don't care very much for the others.

Also, judging from the annual "Foreign Community Festival Parade," we're the only ones who moved here without packing a ridiculously stereotypical national costume. (The perro's Uncle Sam hat was a gift from Governor Calzada.)  Seriously, does everyone in Ireland own a giant furry leprechaun hat?  We've got Germans in lederhosen, French can-can dancers, the city's two Egyptians in, yellow t-shirts.  Anyway, you get our point.  Last year, the US contingent decided that "traditional American garb" meant Pocahontas.  We're allergic to feathers.

On the plus side, though, is the Expo, which is basically a big, non-Mexican food court (or, in the case of the US Pavilion a few years ago, Mexicans serving Mexican store-bought hot dogs).  We deeply regret the fact that there's no Thai, Vietnamese, or Szechuan foreign communities here - though the appearance of a Japanese contingent this year might mean sushi made with actual fish.  Of course, because we've been badmouthing this thing for the past few years, they've decided to move the Expo from a location five blocks from here to a park several miles away, which is a long way to go for bratwurst, so you may or may not be getting some on-the-scene reporting over the next couple of days. 

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