Saturday, March 10, 2012

Masters of the Obvious

There's a great mini-scandal going on in nearby San Juan del Rio right now, after it was discovered that at least two elementary schools were sitting on top of Pemex gas pipelines. A local legislator has raised the alarm - not entirely without reason - about these "time bombs" ticking beneath the desks of the city's children.

Which... okay, sure.  But maybe "discovered" is the wrong word here?  This isn't like detecting radon in your basement, or digging up your yard and finding there's an unexploded shell from World War II under the swing set.   Pemex ducts are very clearly marked with big yellow posts that say "No Construction" on them.  Post like the ones right outside the "ticking time bomb" schools:

So either the school was deliberately constructed in the space between Pemex's "No Construction" posts, or Pemex tunneled years ago under existing schools, and then clearly marked the pipleline with bright yellow "No Construction" posts. (Reports are vague, but it appears to be the latter, which is kind of astonishing, given the amount of red tape we had to go through just to install an electric meter on the facade of our offices.)  This is like "discovering" there's a bridge that links Manhattan and Brooklyn.  No shit, Sherlock.

And but so, of course, in the wake of this shocking discovery, they're now actually considering moving the schools.  If there's a great country in the world than Mexico, we haven't heard of it.

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