Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sábado Gigante

* Happy St Patrick's Day - the day we Americans celebrate the good kind of immigrants: white ones! Because we are of Irish descent, and therefore drunk and lazy, we'll just link to some previous green shit: Juan O'Gorman; the San Patricios; Ry Cooder's musical homage to them; the "foreign community" in Querétaro; Mexico inventing the potato; Serbs+Micks+Mexis...oh my!; QRO's homage to Ulysses; The greening of the Rio Querétaro; and, of course, the least Irish woman ever.

* Having more or less given up on reducing the number of children working in the streets, the government of Querétaro is instead planning to celebrate our "Youth Entrepreneurs."  It's nice to see them get the recognition they deserve!

* More "young entrepreneurs."

* Gancho explains why El Chapo is no Osama bin Laden.   Hell, as we've said before, he's not even Carlos Slim.

* The town fathers of Columbus, NM, are no Pancho Villas.

* One difference between Chapo and bin Laden is that the US didn't brag incessantly whenever they failed to catch him.  Though if their reason for missing him were ever this fucking brilliant, they probably would have.

* "Killing Drug Cartel Bosses Isn't Working, Says Top US General."  Drug cartel bosses immediately endorsed the reports conclusions.

* 50 Beautiful Places in Mexico - a collection of photos ripped off of Flickr.  It seems the rooftops a few blocks from here are the 40th Most Beautiful Place in the country.

* Or, if you prefer, The Deadliest Place in Mexico.  (Hint: not the rooftops a few blocks from here.)

* Something amazing happened in Saltillo this week - a baseball game turned exciting.

* We like the Esteyonage blog very much.

* Congratulations, Mexico!  Only one country in the world has more female smokers than you!  And because the article was written by a Mexican journalist, it fails to mention which country it is. Ni modo - we'll beat 'em next year.

* Reader Comment of the Week, via  email:
"Reading you is kind of sad, frankly.  You engage in criticism for its own sake, lots of innuendo and cheap snots never quite brave enough to stand for something, to make an argument for a different way. You are a little old to be a rebel without a cause and if you are trying to be the next Hunter S. Thompson, well, don't give up your day job."
    Man, he's got us figured out!

* Mirrreybook - pictures of obnoxious Mexicans stolen from Facebook.

* Great Moments in Projection: "“I would have liked to see a candidate come forward who understands the terrible disarray the state of Mexico is in. It’s a fractured, inoperable state right now." -- Failed State of Arizona Governess Jan Brewer.

* Great Moments in Lack of Self Awareness:  "Latinos love me!" - Failed State of Arizona Sheriff/Birther-In-Chief Joe Arpaio.

* Our amiga Cheryl on the repeated indignities of crossing the border.

* "New" Mexicans - not quite as dark as the old ones. 

* Damien Bichir didn't get an Oscar, but unlike Clooney, Pitt and Oldman, he did get a corrido:

* Mexico may have surpassed Iraqi as the worst place to be a journalist (and see here for a new film on this topic), but Iraq is still a far worse place than Mexico to be an emo. 

* Mexico's actually not a bad place to be Canadian, despite what you might have read in the hysterical Canadian press.  Canada, as far as we're concerned, is a great place to be a drunken, Mexico-bound Mancunian. Canada, however, is a tough place to be Dick Cheney.

* Jesus, even the Monarchs are afraid to come here...

* These "Mexican car pool" photos are pretty genius. 

* Gasbacks go home!

* Frank Langella and Rita Hayworth in Guanajuato.

* Mexican politician points out that "Pretty Woman" was about a prostitute, loses job.

* "Beauty Queen Casual" Day in Santa Rosa.

* Snooki beaches herself in Cancun. 

* "Fresh Guacamole."

* Bonus video awfulness: Querétaro dance students get their Irish up, stepping to "What a Feelin'/Smooth Criminal." It's as wretched as the description hints it might be.

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