Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The Bind: Reading the Blind

There's a blind guy who pops up in the Centro from time to time busking, usually on marimba, but sometimes on guitar. This is generally a not-very-complicated equation: blind guy + music + container full of coins = "this guy is playing for spare change." But lately our friend has upped the ante a bit by adding some signage - again, not unprecedented, but the sign he's erected is actually just a small, laminated placard tied to his hat, containing more words that the Gettysburg Address. 

We got eyestrain about halfway through, but it's basically a rambling call for politicians to be more responsive to the needs of the citizenry and, also, spare change. But the placement means that, in order to read it, you (by which we mean we) have to hunch over and put your face a few inches from his for several minutes as you try to read along while his head bobs to the music, all of which is incredibly awkward because, well, he's blind, and you're all the while unsure whether he even knows you're there or not. Which is why we finally just decided to take a picture and blow it up later in the comfort of our own home. We print it here as a public service for any locals who might wind up in the same position.

With all that going on, we of course forgot to toss him some change. We'll totally get him next time, though.

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Recordings for the Deaf, inc. said...

Maybe he needs a large print hat?