Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Bounty Hunters

Burro Hall nightlife correspondent Miss Ale snapped this picture in the Plaza de Armas last night of three young women apparently unaware that the public's attention moved on to other things more than three weeks ago.  We don't mean to be discouraging, because we applaud any young people exercising their social responsibility, but Querétaro would probably be one of the worst places in the world for a black man to hide.  

Still, if you see Joseph Kony in the Centro, do not attempt to apprehend him yourself. Notify our offices at the email address at right and, if your info checks out and we capture him, you'll receive a free two-year subscription to Burro Hall Platinum. Sí se puede!


Mexfiles said...

Why is their sign in English?

Burro Hall said...

It's the universal language of bounty hunting.

Self Published Personoid said...

The stuff people will do just to get some visibility!!!!