Thursday, April 05, 2012

Paw & Order

By way of making an excuse to throw up some perro-pix blog filler, Reforma reports that in the last two years, there have been 192 pets stolen in Mexico City - which have led to 44 arrests and 19 prosecutions - which we think is, on average, a far smaller impunity rate than for the crime of decapitating rival narcos. So chalk one up for pet-friendly policing in Mexico.

"I cost $600 in 2000.  Depreciated over 12 years, that gives me a resale value of..."

In the past six months two people have been violently assaulted and robbed of their dogs in the D.F.'s Parque Hundido - one of the definitions of hundido is "demoralized" - and four lost their pets when they "escaped" from their dog-walkers, who were in fact working with the thieves.

Elections are just three months away. Mexico's Green Party is once again running on a pro-death-penalty-for-kidnappers platform. Just sayin'.


Zoe said...

With your initial costing and depreciation rate, you will have to pay someone to kidnap Jesus!

Nah, on second thought, I don't think that is gonna happen!

Dave said...

Don't want this to get around, but they can get my sister-in-law's pinche doberman any time...

Ёж Валера said...

Вот эта вот собака столько мяса и сожрала. За это её и похитили. За обжорливость. Вегетарианство среди собак, вот требование эпохи.