Saturday, April 14, 2012

Finally, A Solution to Mexico's Image Problem

Let kids run the place!

This privately-sponsored video exhorting the presidential candidates to make bad stuff go away is the big hot thing down here right now.  The idea is that, if things don't change, this is the reality the kids will inherit.  We say: make this the reality now!  Seriously, watch it...

Pollution, corruption, kidnapping, bribery, drug trafficking, murder - when the grown-ups do it, everyone's all Oh my God!!  But when that little pudgy-faced kid cop takes the money from the thieves, tell us you weren't like, Awwwww...!  All three candidates should pledge that, effective on day one, drug cartels, extortion rings, law enforcement and politics will be handed over to nine-year-olds.  "Business As Usual, But With Dimples!"  The displaced adults would be given high-paying jobs in the tourism industry, which even with the extra manpower will struggle to keep up with the demand.  Win-win-win!

Mexico: The children are the future.


Anonymous said...

Business as usual but with dimples should be the new catch phrase. And after Googling it, Burro Hall is #1 and #2 for the phrase. Better patent it before kids start using it. Then it will be BAUBWD. LOL.

Burro Hall said...

I already did. The legal dept. will be in touch about your unauthorized use of it in the comment above.