Sunday, April 01, 2012

Former President Miguel de la Madrid Dead of Gigantism at Age 77

Former president (1982-88) Miguel de la Madrid, whose death has been erroneously reported a few times already this year, apparently means it this time. According to the news reports, he was 77 years old and died of emphysema, but based on the picture that ran in Plaza de Armas, that seems unlikely, since he smoked a really tiny, harmless-looking pipe.

Perhaps he was nine feet tall, and died of gigantism? Hey, who's to say he wasn't? In fact, absent a convincing case to the contrary, and in the great Mexican newspapering tradition, we're just gonna run with it. We'd spend some time investigating, but it's the weekend, so you're on your own.


Crazy Rita said...

What happened to Sabado Gigante? The Burro Hall interns now have weekends off? Or protesting lack of pay by a work slow down?

Burro Hall said...

Oh my God - an actual question form a reader!

SG was born of laziness - a compilation of links I was just too lazy to comment on on their own. But putting it together turns out to be fairly time-consuming, and these days most of my time is devoted to The Man - who, it must be said, at least pays me for the privilege of monopolizing my attention. If I can crank it out ever 2-3 week, I'll consider that a success.

JustaCanuck said...

For what is worth, I miss Sabado Gigante. My weekend felt sort of incomplete without it.

Burro Hall said...

People who want to register their disappointment with me need to take a number, since the line is already halfway across the plaza.

That said, I'll try to be more diligent about it. Really.