Thursday, April 26, 2012

Oh, 'Bama

You may have noticed posting's been a bit sporadic around these parts due us having to expend time and energy in exchange for currency with which to purchase goods and service in the the future. Indeed, the Failed State of Arizona took its act before the Supreme Court of the United States of America yesterday, and we didn't even make a peep. That's how busy we are, amigos.

Anyway, it seems five of the justices paid attention to FSoAZ's arguments, so there's no need for us to. We'll carp instead on the Failing State of Alabama, which last year crafted an immigration law so draconian it makes SB1070 look like it was written by Emma Lazarus. But while the FSoAZ derives most of its income from government-run soil erosion and produces nothing of value to speak of, 'bama actually makes stuff, so it wasn't going to be long before the law started to inconvenience white people. The shoeless legislators are now trying to unwrite the law, but with the state ranking near the bottom of every conceivable book-learnin' metric, it's going badly.

So... music videos! Here's a mariachi version of "Sweet Home Alabama."

About one minute in, the singer really throws himself into the lyrics blasting Neil Young for the sin of having written "Alabama" (See the old folks/ Tied in white ropes/ Hear the banjo /Don't it take you down home?) and "Southern Man" (I heard screamin'/And bullwhips cracking/ How long? How long?). Dude may be Mexican, but he bleeds Confederate gray! Why would you run him out of town, Alabama?

Special bonus track: a mariachi version of the University of Alabama Fight Song:


Anonymous said...

Being busy has its' advantages, doesn't it?

Crazy Rita said...

Just like the band I heard singing "Speeeking words of weeeezdom, let it be...", I seriously doubt these guys have a clue what they are singing about. Same as us having no clue what La Cucaracha is pining for.