Monday, April 30, 2012

Victory Lap

Ladies and Gentlemen, Burro Hall Enterprises S.A. is proud to announce that the Burro Hall Child Protection Act of 2012 is now the law of the land in the state Querétaro.

Thank you. Thank you very much.... We'll wait a minute for your applause to die down.

The law actually exceeds our expectations (by which we mean, it's extremely impractical), requiring child seats for kids between nine months and six years old, and then some kind of "booster seat" for kids up to age 12 - with failure to comply punishable by up to two years in the slammer. Also, we haven't read the actual legislation yet, but if the above is accurate, then it remains legal to cradle a baby in your arms while you drive, seatbeltless, down the highway, as long as that baby is less than nine months old. This is what happens when people don't consult us on the final wording, amigos.

And, of course, the law will be "enforced" by Querétaro police, which means this blog will continue to have plenty of fodder for our Car Seat Giveaway contest.

Cinco de Mayo, March 23, 2012

But today is about the victory lap, so buckle up and put your hands together for Diputado José Luis Aguilera Rico, a man who's made a difference in the world.


Anonymous said...

Very important:

Anonymous said...

Great. Tipico. This in a country where a child safety seat costs 1.800 - 3.000 pesos, 60% of the people make a weekly wage of less than 1200 pesos, and one can buy a "semi-nuevo" car for less than 15.000 pesos. I dare anyone to find a car seat here for sale that will fit a child over 3 years old. Prove me wrong, Sr Diputado genius.

Burro Hall said...

Yeah, I agree putting a six-year-old in a carseat doesn't make a lot of sense, but otherwise I'm not terribly sympathetic to "carseats are expensive" as an argument against using them. Unless the government is heavily subsidizing SUVs, I don't think too many people in Querétaro are failing to use carseats because they can't afford them. (Though for sure, there are plenty who can't. Maybe, instead of posing for pictures handing out sweatshirts in the PRI colors, Mrs Calzada and DIF could start handing out carseat vouchers.

And of course Walmart's looking for some good publicity these days....

Byron said...

What next for Burro Hall, stamping out graft, enforcing zoning laws and noise ordinances? It's one thing to create a law, it's a whole other thing to enforce one so yes, you're roving street crew will be busy snapping photos of law breakers and I doubt they'll have to build any new jails for offenders.

My favourite kids unstrapped moments is when a couple of little kids are standing on the console of an SUV with their heads sticking out of the sun roof. Fresh air, sunshine and head injuries

In Jalisco the law is that the driver has to have his seat belt on and the other 15 people in the van or the 23 in the bed of the pick up truck are free to move around.

Keep up the good fight and good luck lobbying Walmart.