Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Carlos Fuentes Leaves a World Very Different Than the One He Arrived Into

Mexican literary giant Carlos Fuentes died today.  The nation learned the news via a presidential proclamation, of sorts.

May 15 (Reuters) - Mexican author Carlos Fuentes has died at the age of 83, President Felipe Calderon said on Tuesday via his Twitter account.

The article continues, it its entirety:

Fuentes was known for works including The Death of Artemio Cruz and The Old Gringo. (Reporting by Liz Diaz, writing by Krista Hughes; Editing by Anthony Boadle)

What would Fuentes have made of the fact that three people were required to write this?

(For a better, more thoughtful obit, please try the MexFiles.)


Carbonboy said...

Sad indeed, but what a time to become a new resident of Santiago de Querétaro: www.carbonboy.us

Anonymous said...

Is anything known about the size and nature of the world he arrived in? And the one (I'm assuming) in which he left?

Burro Hall said...

We know that the latter had presidents communicating by Twitter and two-sentence obituaries written by teams of three or more people, and the former didn't. But other than that, no, nothing is known about Mexico in the 1920s.