Friday, May 25, 2012

Dept. of God-Bothering Ninnies

In Querétaro's main square, bound on three sides by the governor's office, the state legislature, and the state supreme court, one can find, at all hours of the day or night, young children, mostly indigenous, who, rather than being in school, are hard at work selling gum and trinkets, playing the accordion, or outright begging for change. The plaza also has a couple of nice outdoor restaurants favored by the well-to-do and well-connected. It was at one of these restaurants that Felipe de Jesús González, president of the state chapter of the Association of Fathers of Families convened a press conference yesterday to denounce los swingers for being "a bad example for the children." It wasn't clear exactly how "the children" would come to be aware of los swingers' example, insofar as, as we understand these things, children are not invited to swing parties. Perhaps he was referring to saturation coverage of scantily-clad swingers in a family newspaper easily seen by children and often sold at traffic lights by child laborers. Perhaps Felipe de Jesús González's children have more fun than we did growing up.

Though nothing about L'affaire Swinger would seem to involve Felipe de Jesús González or his organization, he's put out an urgent call for a threeway [pause for comic effect] meeting between himself, "the authorities" and los swingers in hopes that the latter "can be eradicated."  This is what we call a bold opening position.  We're sure los swingers will get back to you as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, this week's Profiles In Political Courage Award goes to José Baéz Guerrero, president of the state PAN party, for throwing PAN Legistlatrix Daysi Hinojosa - whose very name in proof that she (or, at least, her parents) is a sex-crazed, free-lovin' hippie - under the proverbial bus in the course of making the rather unremarkable statement that PAN, which is essentially the political arm of the Catholic Church in Mexico, does not enthusiastically support wife-swapping. So now we have that cleared up.

In other political news, PAN mayoral candidate Armando Rivera's campaign ran into a minor bit of controversy when allegedly some campaign workers allegedly roughed up some alleged sex workers who were allegedy trying to approach the candidate to make an alleged point. Allegedly. Anyway, this is prompted his PRI opponent, Roberto Loyola, to declare himself a big fan of prostitutes. "Sí hay tolerancia," he said. Pretty much the same thing Daysi Hinojosa said about los swingers, but rather than running a two-line front-page headline saying "PRI SUPPORTS SEX WORKERS," like they did to Hinojosa, Plaza de Armas, being the PRI's semi-official propaganda arm in Querétaro, ran Loyola's comments in a tiny article at the bottom of page 10, headlined, "Loyola: I Am A Tolerant Man." No link online, of course.

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