Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Folding Tables of Iniquity

Greetings from Querétaro, which is an Aztec word meaning "land of the group sexytime." (That's a joke - it's a Purépecha word; the Aztecs we're this far north.) Our ongoing coverage of the ongoing coverage of L'affaire Swinger, continues with a big, big development, straight from the sweaty keyboard of Plaza de Armas brother-of-the-editor-in-chief and son-of-the-publisher, Fernando Venegas, who assigned a staffer to Google "queretaro + swinger" (where Burro Hall comes up 61 places ahead of Plaza de Armas - give yourselves a round of applause, readers), and made the shocking, scandalous discovery that there is not one, but two groups of people engaging in the kind of private sexytime activities that make the baby Jesus and the Venegas family cry.

This other casa swinger in QRO, which had been hiding on the internets under the clever alias before Venegas unleashed the digital bloodhounds, has a "jacuzzi big enough for 40 people," which is, frankly, reason enough to join. It also has some folding tables, which PdeA was eager to share with its readers:

(Yes, we know... the children! The children!)

A scandal of this magnitude simply has to claim a politician's head at some point, and PdeA is pretty determined to make it Daysi Hinojosa, the PAN legislatrix who made big headlines yesterday by saying, "So...?" Part of her reason for not giving a fuck was that, hey, it's not like the state's being overrun by swinger clubs. But the shocking discovery of a second website makes it clear, according to Venegas, that the swinger lifestyle is "spreading like wildfire" ("la expresión swinger queretana se esparcen como pólvora"). Check and mate, Diputado Hinojosa. Please resign and pose for Playboy like any good Mexicana, okay?

Venegas concludes with an ominous discovery: "In addition to these clubs uncovered by Plaza de Armas, hundreds of Querétaro couples utilize cyberspace in search of casual encounters," thus giving us a preview of the next 600 articles in this series. We can hardly wait.


Anonymous said...

WTF keep providing "dead" links to the swingers clubs. How am I supposed to join the fun sexy time??

Burro Hall said...

Sorry - that was a badly formatted link. I've fired the intern responsible.

Casa Amigos SW's blog does appear to have vanished, probably due to the week and a half of saturation coverage, a police raid, and condemnations from the mayor and the archbishop's spokesman. Or maybe they're too busy making sexytime to keep up with a blog. These things require a lot of concentration.

Dave said...

And of course all of this work to clean up "sexytime" is the ultimate solution to improving Mexican society.

Not at all like the U.S. where we are solving our economic problems by fixing women's issues. Oh wait....

One does love a good distraction. Keep up the in-depth reporting!

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Diego (siempre con su Mariana) said...

As a Mexican swinger blogger myself, I must say I loved your coverage of the ploitical absurdity regarding the lifestyle. Cheers!

Burro Hall said...

Thank you for adding the phrase "Mexico swinger blogger" to my vocabulary! I enjoyed your blog very much!