Friday, May 18, 2012

Life During Wartime

A few days ago, Sir Paul McCartney (who used to be in a little band - perhaps you've heard of them? - called Wings) gave a free concert in front of 200,000 people in Mexico City's Zocalo.

Richard, our fellow fat gay Nazi hotel promoter / literary cabalist, posted this in response to this excellent Times piece, which makes the obvious, yet, somehow, controversial point that the 99.99 percent of Mexicans who don't get killed in drug war carnage every year actually live lives. We liked the juxtaposition so much that we basically just stole it, but then wrote enough filler here that we can't be sued. That's producing!

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Dave said...

But to actually suggest that life in Mexico could actually be well, sort of normal isn't what we in el Norte want to think about. Being scared of something or another is so much more entertaining....not that there's nothing to be scared of, but there's always perspective.

As an aside, how is it that I keep missing all the fun stuff in D.F.....earthquakes, el Popo and now McCartney. Timing is everything.