Friday, May 25, 2012

Slapfest '012

The Year of Mexico in France, now entering its second year:

CANNES, France — Police raided a glitzy Cannes party thrown by Mexico's Palme d'Or contender Carlos Reygadas, seizing a shipment of the traditional alcoholic drink mezcal, one of his producers said Friday.

The Mexican embassy in Paris had sent the party Thursday night several dozen bottles of mezcal in a diplomatic case, Jean Labadie, head of Le Pacte which co-produced Reygadas' festival entry "Post Tenebras Lux", told AFP.

"We were in our dinner jackets and were unable to produce the paperwork proving the origin of the mezcal," an alcohol distilled from the agave plant which grows in many parts of Mexico, he said.

...Some 30 police and customs officials raided the Chateau du Suquet, a mansion overlooking the Riviera city, where the party was being held, and seized the Mexican alcohol, Labadie said.

"The whole villa was searched. The buffets were destroyed and the food chucked in the bin. They banned the waiters from serving anything, even water. It was rather excessive," he said.

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