Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Days of Wine and Cheeses

Last week, the annual Festival of Wine and Cheese was held in nearby Tequisquiapan.  Mexicans don't consume a lot of wine - when you hear people praising Mexican wine, they're grading on a really steep curve - but there's a Freixenet winery not too far from here, so the Festival is pretty well-stocked, and for a fee low enough to pose no serious barrier to entry, you can come and imbibe all you want, all day long, under the scorching Bajio sun.  Let's pop over to to see how that all worked out, shall we?

So this was basically all the first day. Fortunately, the photographer left before the all-you-can-eat soft cheeses started coming back up. See why we can't have nice things, people?


Dave said...

Apparently this was a tie-optional event. Could have come with my Tequis coffee mug and no one would have noticed.

Anonymous said...

That went well - penelope

penelope said...

that went well
penelope en sma

Amiga del Lorax said...

Glad no pugs