Thursday, June 07, 2012

The Kids Are All Right

So it seems that while the local press was running around sniffing people's bedsheets in search of non-Jesus-approved sexytime, the foreign press - specifically, Jo Tuckman of The Guardian - was digging up the political story of the year here:

Mexico's biggest television network sold prominent politicians favorable coverage in its flagship news and entertainment shows and used the same programs to smear a popular leftwing leader, documents seen by the Guardian appear to show.

The documents – which consist of dozens of computer files – emerge just weeks ahead of presidential elections on 1 July, and coincide with the appearance of an energetic protest movement accusing the Televisa network of manipulating its coverage to favor the leading candidate, Enrique Peña Nieto.

The documents, which appear to have been created several years ago, include:

• An outline of fees apparently charged for raising Peña Nieto's national profile when he was governor of the state of Mexico.

• A detailed media strategy explicitly designed to torpedo a previous presidential bid by leftwing candidate Andres Manuel López Obrador, who is currently Peña Nieto's closest rival.

• Payment arrangements suggesting that the office of former president Vicente Fox concealed exorbitant public spending on media promotion.

For our North-'o-The-Border readers, this is a bombshell on par with a US candidate saying something mildly disparaging about religious zealots. Seriously, it's that kind of game-changer.

What's especially interesting here is that there has been in the past few weeks a serious, emerging student movement aimed not just at Peña Nieto, but at Telvisa for its slanted coverage.  But because they're just a bunch of dirty fucking hippies, there's no need to take them seriously.  Except, of course, that they're 100% correct. 

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