Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Los Tuiteros!

We're not so skilled with the Twitter thingy - we paid $69 for a special Twitting Console on Craigslist last summer, which appears not to be Windows compatable - but, regarding Mexico's new "Hey, fuck you and ya fuckin' fat perro, too" policy, an anonymous commenter comments:

A little pajarito just told me that it might be good for all flying gringos & Mexicans with pets who want / need to go in-cabin on international flights to tweet politely (skip the scary words, OK?) but insistently (English OK) to this address ASAP:!/DionisioPerezJ

In other words,

Check it out, folks. This is the twitter for the
Secretario de Comunicaciones y Transportes de México
México ·

Get some hashtags going!
Fly, my monkeys, fly!


Crazy Rita said...

Sorry about the perro. Rules and/or enforcement of rules have never made sense in Mexico. I'll send a twitter as soon as I figure out the twitter thingy.

And about your new banner, it is scaring the perro out of me. (I didn't want to take Jesus's name in vain.)

Anonymous said...

Hey burro hall r u on twitter?????????????????

Burro Hall said...

Technically, yes (@BurroHall), but I never use it.