Monday, June 25, 2012

Perros on a Plane, Continued...

Friend o' the blog Alexis in San Miguel  emails us a link that we originally posted ourselves a couple weeks ago, before sliding into a catatonic depression that rendered us unable to follow up on it. 

We'll excerpt the important part below, but anyone interested in seeing an absolute master class in how to deal with Mexican officialdom should read the whole thing.  The author, Allyson Williams of, will be inducted into the Burro Hall of Fame at this year's annual corporate retreat. 

June 21, 2012 Update – I am absolutely thrilled to share an email I just received from Lic. José Armando Garcia Nuño, Dirección de Política Intersectorial, Dirección General de Planeación Estratégica y Política Sectorial, Secretaria de Turismo (SECTUR). It reads…
Mrs Allyson,

I send an apology for to answer your call and email a little late, however, I am here for talking with you about the animals in the aircraft passenger cabins.

Yesterday, we had a meeting with the Aeronautic Authority on this case for talking about the concern of you visitors by the prohibition of get pets on airplanes.

At the meeting we were able to obtain good news, which I inform you:

• They going to change of the article one hundred seven (107) of the regulations of the law, where the regulation is established on the transportation of animals allowed in the passenger cabins. Today, the Aeronautic Authority has already a proposal for a reform to the article of the rules of which shared and will be analysed.

• The Aeronautic Authority published an official circular where inform about of the current authority decision and where they report the possibility that in the month of September is already counted with this reform allowing, in some way, raise animals to the passenger cabins.

In this moments The law should be applied without exception. But we hope that the reform to law going to ready on September.

Finally, I say today I tried to talk to you by phone but it was not possible.
Best regards.

After receiving this email, I called and spoke with Sr. Garcia directly. He informed me that the document is currently be reviewed and that it should be finalized by next week. He confirmed that the revised policy will allow pets to fly in the cabin on both national and international flights, and that it should be in place by September 2012. He agreed to email a copy to me, which I will post at soon as I receive it.

This is really good news Folks!

To translate from both the bureaucratese and the broken English, the key phrase would appear to be "in the month of September is already counted with this reform allowing, in some way, raise animals to the passenger cabins," which means that, at worst, the perro will have to Summer in the relative low humidity of Querétaro. We can live with that.

UPDATE: WAR IS OVER! Okay, it's not really our update, it's Allyson Williams's, but it includes a link to the actual document, which would be helpful to anyone trying to convince an recalcitrant airline that it's really not against Mexican gov't regulations to take a small pet in-cabin.
June 25, 2012 Update (11:30am) – I received an update from Lic. José Armando Garcia Nuño this morning. The new Circular, CO AV-07.8/07 R2, is dated June 21, 2012 and has been posted on the SCT website. In his email, Sr. Garcia stated that “the Aeronautical Authority has published document (Circular compulsory) that allows airlines to transport pets in the passenger cabins. Airlines must meet the mandatory circular immediately as soon as they are notified. The airlines must allow pets climb into the passenger cabins, immediately.” He also wanted to remind me that “this new document is NOT a new regulation, simply is a document that clarifies the doubts with regard to the Law on Civil Aviation.” He clarified this statement in another email by saying “The document that now lets upload pets to the airlines is a temporary measure. He is currently working on reforming article 107 of the law of Civil Aviation.”

I have been informed by a group in Cozumel who is working closely with the airlines that “this circular was sent to all airlines on Friday.” Obviously, the airlines will need a little time to re-implement this policy, update their websites, etc. I will post as I learn more.

We don't know Allyson Williams, but we know she will never pay for a drink within five miles of us for the rest of her life.


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There is yet hope!!!!!!

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